Dental services at your Doorstep

  1. Dental treatment now available at home with assure Quality and Full satisfaction
  3. Emergency tooth pain treatment
  4. Home dental care
  5. Tooth removal
  6. Dentures
  7. Crown and bridge
  8. Root canal treatment
  9. Pain after extraction
  10. Severe pain in unerupted wisdom tooth
  11. Orthodontic treatment
  12. Child care
  13. Oral Prophylaxis/Scaling
  14. Tooth Filling
  15. Thumb sucking correction

If you have Dental pain or an emergency situation, e.g broken or chipped tooth, abscess, swelling, pain from wisdom teeth, post surgical pain, jaw locking, painful problems with braces, Don’t worry just Book your Appointment for Emergency 

Patient must ask for Identity card of our health expert before entering home

we all know that Whole World is Suffering from Covid-19 Pandemic and precaution is the only way to stay safe. We are helping our society by a dedicated expert Team at a very reasonable cost Our Dentist will take all measures as per Govt. Guidelines Before visiting any Patient so Don’t worry just book your appointment. 

We are Available 24*7 in Delhi (NCR), Noida, Lucknow